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    United StatesDirectory of Personal Trainers and Group Fitness Instructors in the United States.
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    Find a personal trainer to motivate you!

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    Find local personal trainers and group exercise instructors for private and group fitness training in towns and cities worldwide.

    Our directory includes personal trainers, group fitness instructors and exercise professionals who share experience and qualifications in service to people looking to connect on a genuine level to lose weight, get in better shape and become healthier and stronger lifelong. Additionally, we offer exercise products to personal trainers and fitness enthusiasts for fitness training, functional training, strength and conditioning or group exercise. Each personal trainer shares their individual scope of practice and services designed to help people of all ability levels find personal victories and connect the dots between regular physical exercise, healthier eating and a healthy lifestyle.

    Health Clubs and Personal Trainers:

    If you are a gym or health club operator, personal training department director, group fitness manager or exercise professional not yet included in our directory and you would like to connect with people looking for help, please click the appropriate continent tab at the top of this page to register your information for review. We believe your yoga, group fitness, functional training, strength & conditioning, small-group training or one-on-one personal training programs can help people develop regular exercise and physically activity habits. Just like you, thousands of businesspeople, moms, dads, and family members find us to learn more about fitness, exercise, and living healthier lifestyles. Personal trainers, other fitness service providers and exercise enthusiasts find us daily, review our pages, review and buy exercise equipment, and exchange communication with our partners and fitness professionals. We invest heavily into the experience of our website visitors because we care deeply about helping people change their lives, become healthier and better physically fit. Please contact us for information on health club support.

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    We realize how important it is to team up and partner with personal trainers, health clubs, exercise equipment and fitness product manufacturers and dealers, and fitness educators around the world to accomplish our common goals as fitness professionals. People visiting our pages and our professionals equally understand that we do not employ or have business partnerships with the personal trainers we support in our website. Our partners and fitness professionals understand that we offer our services as a non-profit effort as we do not charge a fee to personal trainers for advertising group fitness, functional training or personal training services in our directory.

    We encourage fitness professionals to share a genuine message in effort to connect with one person at a time and communicate with respect and candor always. Our efforts to share individual personal trainers, commercial training studios and fitness center messages via Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter social media, and our website, define the transparent nature of our mission to support personal trainers worldwide. We want to share as much as we can, in a responsible way, to better serve our website visitors. Each health club or gym, personal trainer, group fitness instructor or exercise specialist is uniquely responsible for the message they convey to our audience. While we do screen our applicants, we do not specifically personally endorse any fitness professional—each person visiting our website must carefully weigh and evaluate the professional credentials, work history, and candor conveyed by each service provider. That said, we believe in our fitness professionals as without them many people would not benefit from fitness services, education and awareness campaigns responsible for helping millions of people around the world find a personal trainer, lose weight, become better physically fit and healthier lifelong.

    Thank you for visiting us and please check back often for new exercise equipment, fitness products and services, updated health, exercise, and fitness information offered by personal trainers around the world looking to personally connect with you to help you become healthier and stronger!

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