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    AFS › Everything exercise professionals need to operate successful fitness businesses.

    Why Join AFS?

    Good question! If you're an exercise professional and an entrepreneur, the business of fitness is how you make your living and support your family. Like you, industry leaders, advocates, educators, equipment and product vendors, suppliers and manufacturers in the fitness industry understand how hard it can be to run a successful business. AFS was founded on the idea of community. We provide exercise professionals, personal trainers and fitness instructors business-specific products, services, and benefits that will enable you to more effectively manage and grow your business. As a result of the strength in cooperation from our alliance partners, we are able to help our industry prosper and create a stronger, more unified studio community.

    AFS: "the only membership community dedicated to the business of fitness studios."

    You're a great trainer or instructor, and everybody knows it. Your clients love you! Or maybe you own a studio and you're your own boss and you're teaching your own way. If you don't own a studio, you certainly have dreamt of it. But the skill set that made you a great trainer isn't necessarily the same skill set that will make you a great business owner. Which is often a big problem.

    Introducing AFS—AFS is the answer to this problem. No matter the size of the studio, our mission is to help great fitness professionals become even greater business owners. We save you money, provide expert advice and connect you with other leaders in the industry. The power of our community makes you a desirable business partner to vendors and suppliers. Working together creates a stronger market that often means substantial money saving opportunities for you. And while saving money is great, what's even better is learning how the best in the business run their studios. There's nothing like learning from your peers and AFS is the connection.

    5 Functions & Benefits of Business Membership with the Association of Fitness Studios

    Money-saving Programs

    • One of the best ways to enhance profitability is to save money and AFS delivers many of those opportunities, knowing that not all will resonate with every studio, but almost every studio will find more than enough savings to secure a positive ROI on their membership investment.

    AFS Academy

    • Expert advice, manuals, webinars, best practices, business tips—AFS is your one-stop shop to best understand the latest trends and successful strategies in the studio business.

    Community Connect

    • By working together, we can positively affect all of our businesses. Our community will share ideas, successes, and trends, provide a voice to and for the industry, fight for appropriate fitness legislation, and effectively use social media to enhance the business.

    News & Events

    • It's impossible for a single studio owner to keep up on what's happening in the industry, so AFS does it for you by constantly delivering the important information you need.

    Get More Customers

    • Programs, partnerships, strategies, and tactics have been developed to assist studio owners and instructors to generate traffic to their studio.

    When you join the AFS community you're not alone, together, every business problem is solvable. A credible online destination with support from industry leaders. AFS is here to help you build your business, increase your profitability and reach more customers. Become a member and help build a stronger, more unified, studio community. Join now, and welcome to the Association of Fitness Studios. Contact us today to learn about growing your business and many of the benefits of membership with the Association of Fitness Studios.

    Visit AFS social media to learn about fitness studio business community membership.

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