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    Glen Burgess • Brampton, Ontario • Tel: (416) 525- 5813
    TRX® Personal Trainer Brampton, Ontario CA

    Brampton, Ontario CA

    Personal Trainer › TRX® Suspension Training™ › Brampton, Ontario L6V 4C5 Canada

    TRX® Personal Trainer Brampton, Ontario CA

    Personal Trainer Glen Burgess

    Living and working in Brampton, Ontario as a personal trainer and certified TRX® Suspension Training™ instructor affords me the opportunity of helping people lose weight, become stronger, and prevent injury. Working as an athletic coach, strength and conditioning coach, and professional trainer over the last five years has opened up enormous opportunities to explore many aspects of fitness and human movement and performance. Additionally, I am a certified Les Mills® BodyAttack™ and BodyFlow™ instructor which helps me to translate a balanced approach to training with clients looking for improvements in core conditioning, cardio endurance, muscular strength and endurance, and core stability. These improvements lead to more successful— and fun, participating in dance, aerobics, bodyweight training, sports, and in-line skating.

    Specialties Education Qualifications

    Personal & Group Training Services

    Working with top fitness professionals, fitness boot camps, functional training equipment, dietitians, massage therapists and other professional service people allow me to integrate a variety of wellness principles and exercise modalities to develop a well balanced program for clients working with me in Brampton. Our full service facility encompassing fitness, personal training, nutrition, life coaching and wellness for a full spectrum experience for the human body. Five years in professional practice as a personal trainer specializing in TRX® group training and group exercise through Les Mills® programs has earned me a reputation for excellence in my career. In addition to the services and classes mentioned earlier, I provide one-on-one private personal training or group training services. I love running and the Circus Arts. Everyone can benefit from having a personal trainer even if you are recovering from an injury or are interested in challenging your current fitness activities to a higher level to improve your health, competitive spirit, and fitness longevity.

    Running & TRX® Suspension Training™

    As a runner, competing in marathons and 1/2 marathons I use my experience as a runner and TRX® Suspension Training™ instructor along with my formal education to help runners improve mechanical, core strength, and spine and hip stabilization based on each individual's needs, abilities, and limitations. I help runners and athletes of all sporting activities increase their speed, strength, balance, core strength, endurance and coordination. TRX® training is excellent for athletes preparing for contest or personal goals at every athletic level and ability. I believe in a holistic approach to fitness training. Including elements of yoga, lifestyle and wellness coaching, and athletic training all cooperate in harmony in exercise prescription and allow my running and athletic clients balance and motivation to try new things and push new levels of physical awareness and challenges ultimately leading to improved race time, running technique, and fitness interests.

    Please contact me if you are looking for a TRX® personal trainer in Brampton, Ontario

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