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    Brien Shamp

    Fitness Boot Camps Burlingame CA 94010

    Brien Shamp › Personal Trainer › Nutritional Lifestyle Coach › Boot Camp Instructor

    San Francisco Bay Area › Group Fitness Boot Camps › Class Instructors Burlingame CA

    San Francisco Bay Area personal trainer and fitness boot camp coach Brien Shamp offers one-on-one personal training, couples and small group fitness classes in Burlingame, CA. As a part of a more comprehensive health and fitness plan Brien works with clients to develop specific strategies to focus on physical fitness, weight management, nutrition and lifestyle.

    Burlingame Fitness Boot Camps › Burlingame CA 94010

    Burlingame fitness boot camps afford participants daily motivation and coaching to help you perform at your best, both in the Boot Camp and out. You will look and feel your best by following our scheduled workouts, nutrition and lifestyle recommendations. Additionally, as a result of consistent participation in Burlingame fitness boot camps, you will have improved self-confidence, energy, less body fat and pain, greater strength and stamina. Our licensed and certified boot camp coaches will give you similar instruction that you would receive in a personal training session at one-third the cost.

    Burlingame Fitness Boot Camps
    Accel Gymnastics
    888 Hinckley Road
    Burlingame, California 94010




    In addition to personal training services in Burlingame, Brien's team of fitness instructors offers fitness boot camps in Belmont and Menlo Park California. Contact Brien today for special rate incentives exclusively for Burlingame fitness boot camp participants.

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    Brien Shamp
    San Francisco Bay Area
    Fitness Boot Camps
    Group Fitness Classes
    Burlingame CA 94010

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