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    The Business of Fitness | Consulting with Fitness Professionals - Derek Curtice


    It all began in sunny Yorba Linda, California. I landed a job with, one of Ray Wilson's "Family Fitness Centers." It was the early 90s and fitness was big—literally. At that time there was a "war" brewing between large club operators to open more clubs than their competitors, and the name of the game was "equipment," and lots of it. The club business hadn't changed since the late 60s.

    Everything about the health club business in the 80s and 90s was big, big ideas, big club mergers and acquisitions and certainly big scams. Yep, I said it—buying a health club membership prior to 1992 meant that consumers could be financing lifetime memberships (with interest), paying $500 or more down on a membership and flat out buying lies. Many early operators were simply crooks. Operators were opening new clubs by the hundreds and, as a result, wealth in the fitness industry was born.

    Well, that was the past—I hope. As the 90s gave way to the new millennium, a new club model was forming in the business. New health club regulations and laws kept consumers safer from fraud, lifetime memberships, financing, etc. Joining a health club became more of an experience. Clubs in the late 1990s faced enormous overhead, but, they were posh, well appointed, incredibly stocked with the latest exercise equipment, huge locker and wet areas, lots of neon, sold improved clothing lines, nutritional supplements, fitness services and spa packages.

    In my opinion, the best years in the fitness business are yet to come. The evolution of the corporate health club employee, independent contractor, club operator and service providers is transforming from greedy slick salesmen to well educated successful fitness professionals. The club of tomorrow will partner with the world's largest nutrition and medical sciences communities to market, motivate and benchmark new standards for the business of fitness. Consumers will appreciate and pay for valuable services designed to increase health and fitness because farming, food, medical, exercise and fitness industries will cooperate in marketing. This combined effort will dominate popular culture with well crafted messages and new strategies that will prove successful in the war against preventable disease, diabetes and obesity. Collectively, agriculture sciences, farming and manufacturing, distribution and retail, health and medical, fitness and exercise communities will unite under one mission— to support consumer health as a result of truly connecting, heart-to-heart, with consumers to develop better tactical and strategic initiatives designed to promote health above all. Is this likely? For now—no.

    The plain truth is that a large percentage of the population is content with being ill. As such, the nation's mega food conglomerates will continue to produce cheap poorly nutritious food that tastes "good." Healthcare is actually Sick-care and drug companies are forced to focus on treatment over prevention. Each of these entities are working independently instead of working together. The wheels are big, and the wheels are many. Consumers have come to expect low price and low quality products and services and as a result—we are all paying a terrible price. Our nation's problems of obesity, preventable illness, disorder and diseases will not simply disappear. That, my friends, is why we have a job.

    Join me in a revolution to partner with specialists in every fitness, health and wellness community to unite under one mission; to impassion ourselves and our neighbors to work together for one outcome—health. We stick to a strategy of journey over specific accomplishment. We need to champion our partnerships and professional relationships with leaders in several industries listed above. Everybody invests—everyone helps. We have to stop appealing to our customer's rationality and appeal to their humanity and mortality. In short— collectively, we need to skip the head and aim for the heart.

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    Kindest regards,

    Derek Curtice
    Principal, Simplefit.net
    The Business of Fitness, Consultant

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