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    Commercial Diet Program Software

    Diet Plan?

    Can diet plan software help motivated obese people lose weight and body fat safely?

    Today's effort is to bring questions which must be answered when searching for better diet plan, health, and fitness software applications. To help people face obesity and related illness, disorders, and disease we must develop better tools and services that help people to find alternatives to poor eating. We will be outlining the top three concerns when deciphering software applications, programs, and internet tools used for the business of fitness.

    In your search for tools to help folks win over obesity you may have considered personal training programs, excellence in engineering with state-of-the art exercise equipment, group exercise programs, specialty programs for the elderly, injured and disabled, etc. So, what did we forget? BETTER MEAL PLANNING - nutrition! In effort to build systems and software specifically suited to meet the growing needs of our population, meal planning has taken over the diet plan crazes of years gone by. Consumers are better educated and less likely to pay for gimmicks offered on the 24hr shop-a-thon gimmick channels.

    Roughly 34% of Americans age twenty and over are obese. There are about 42 million Americans enrolled in health club membership[2007 IHRSA]. The United States population is estimated at 301,139,947[2007 cia.gov]. So, do the math – an estimated 34% or 102,387,582 of the people in the U.S. are obese. Diet plan and fitness program education is a leading the way in fighting preventable disorder, disease, and illness. Starting with health clubs - 41% or 123,467,378 of the U.S. population have been enrolled in a health club at some time. The good news is…this is a good number; the bad news is an estimated 27% do not use the health club in which they enrolled. Meaning the average attrition rate for fitness club drop out's is 27% or 33,336,192. These numbers represent just "the scratching of the service" of real need in our country for a better understanding of diet plans, health and fitness services, programs, and tools.

    Fighting Obesity

    The health and fitness industry is comprised of an amazing family of service and product manufacturers, purveyors, and  educators. The fitness industry boasts billions in revenue yearly. Broken down by a small fraction in our industry, the health club market alone accounts for just over twenty-nine thousand health clubs and over 18 billion dollars in revenue [2007 IHRSA]. If we added every arena in the fitness industry including, diet plan software, education, services, products, programs, etc. the numbers would blow your mind. Instead of taking a lengthy statistical journey we’re focusing on the programs which drive these massive movements in fitness related business.

    Of course, from our perspective, folks simply need help. We focus on bringing intelligent services, technologies, and products to folks in effort to win the fight against poor health and fitness. Health clubs reported their greatest share of revenue from fitness programs and services in 2007. What little fishy in the stream is biggest – number one, personal training. Among other top services, 94% of health clubs offer personal training. And what makes a personal training service big? Programs, people, and tools.

    Diet Plan

    So we've discussed a fraction of the "problem", let's look into many of the solutions offered. Starting with programs, we build programs to empower service providers to help fitness professionals discover problems and provide appropriate solutions. The trick is to build programs that can be delivered, with precision, time and time again. Building program success is much akin to building the process by which average staff members can successfully learn, integrate, and replicate the process without inconsistency. Having the best system or program in place is worthless without well trained and supported people to run and service your efforts.

    Now, to the meat of the discussion . . . you have the processes and great people . . . grab hold of your empowered staff and arm them with tools. Yes, tools. Think of setting out to build a skyscraper . . . you have the financing, engineers, workers, and plans . . . what did I forget? Oh yeah, the tools! And not just any tools — but the right tools. I just had a thought of someone using a pair of pliers to loosen a nut . . . a wrench is a club if you don't know how to use it! Without further digression, tools make the world go 'round. But what type of tools service folks best? Ones that work!

    Get to know more about what we do, who we help, why, and experience our culture.

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