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    Dustin Bradford

    Personal Training Germantown TN

    Personal Trainer Germantown, TN

    Dustin Bradford

    I will simply say that my years of dedication as a fitness professional specializing in obesity and fitness programming have served my clients well. I could start writing about my own fitness and professional accomplishments—however, I'd prefer to tell you about one of my clients' life-changing achievements. This true story, in particular, touched me the most of any.

    Mary was 12 years old and morbidly obese. Let me backtrack a bit and tell you about a day in the life of Mary. Every morning she woke up to the sound of the alarm signified that her day of feeling like an outcast had begun again. She never could decide on what to wear. Her size would not allow her to wear the trendier clothes like her older sisters and classmates wore. After getting dressed, she would go downstairs for breakfast, but this started her daily love-hate relationship with food. Mary avoided eating in public but ate junk-foods and sweets in private. She sank into a deep depression, and her mother came to me because she was beyond concerned about the situation. Her mother was crying in my office relaying her daughter's story—this story. My eye's swelled up with tears as I promised her mother I would help. Mary needed to know then she had value, choices, and most importantly that she had me "in her corner."

    Mary worked with me 4 days a week, we worked together on cardio, strength exercises, we repeated and wrote down her fitness goals every day. She didn't give up and gave more effort than most of my adult clients at the time. Within a few months, she had dropped an amazing amount of fat-weight, her health improved remarkably, and most importantly, she began smiling! I was so proud of her! After a few months of training, things completely turned around for her. She invited me to her 13th birthday party, it was more than a birthday party…it was a celebration of her new life!

    This is just one of the many success stories over the years of lives that have been changed for the better. No matter your age or fitness level, you CAN achieve your goals and change your life. I can come to your home or you may choose to work with me in our studio located in Germantown, TN. Please contact me today!

    In health,

    Dustin Bradford, CPT
    Obesity and Fitness Specialist
    Germantown, Tennessee 38138

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    Personal Trainer Germantown, Tennessee

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