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    Rinie Marin • Spinning® Classes • Tel: (305) 461-1091
    Spinning® Instructor Renie Marin.

    Miami, FL (Coral Gables) 33134

    Spinning® Indoor Cycling Classes › Florida › Miami › Coral Gables › FL › Rinie Marin

    Miami Spinning® Classes Instructor Rinie Marin

    Spinning® Indoor Cycling Classes › Instructor Rinie Marin in Miami

    I teach Spinning® indoor cycling classes in Miami at Red Zone Fitness (Coral Gables). My experience leading Spinning® classes with people throughout the greater Miami area helps me to stay connected with people of all fitness levels. As a certified Spinning® instructor since 2010 I am passionate and attentive to the needs of my Spinning® class students. Cycling classes vary in intensity to meet the needs and limitations of people new to indoor cycling, as well as the most aggressive professional Spinning® athletes.

    I'm Certified as a Spinning® Instructor since 2010 and I have over 14 years of training and experience in many sports. I have great energy and passion for teaching the leading indoor cycling program in the world—Spinning® Remember, if an advertised class uses the terms "indoor cycling" or "cardio cycling classes" these are not original Mad Dogg Athletics® licensed Spinning® programs. Our cycling programs demand the highest and moist respected training of instructors in our industry.

    Spinning® Classes › New Experience in Group Fitness Training

    Originally from Venezuela, I earned a degree in Business Administration and use my education to keep my business running smoothly so that I can continue to offer Spinning® class and other fitness services. I have over ten years experience in the fitness industry and I am constantly upgrading and continuing my education and practical experience to offer credible and successful group fitness and personal training services.

    You are guaranteed a new and challenging experience in each of my classes. My goal is to empower you to discover the strength, determination, and will inside you to expose your ultimate physical and mental potential. My Spinning® classes are powered and supercharged with motivational rhythms and music samplings from a mixture of house, latino, and urban beats. Together we will explore your emotional, mental, and physical experience in fitness training. I promise—and deliver the best class you will ever attend!

    Your New Vision for Personal Health, Exercise and Fitness Training

    Part of your experience training with me, whether in a Spinning® indoor cycling class, group fitness training, or personal training, there are essential steps to take in order to develop an overall fitness plan for your personal needs, lifestyle, and fitness goals. We will discuss several aspects of your fitness program in detail, including, but not limited to:

    • Diet, and Nutrition: You are what you eat!
    • Exercise Modalities: What types of exercise best suit you?
    • Frequency and Intensity of your Physical Activity
    • Fitness Goals: Do you want to slim down, muscle up, or become healthier?

    Please visit my social media links & website to learn about Spinning® & scheduling.

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