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    PHIT America 8505 Fenton St., Ste. 211 Silver Spring MD 20910 › (301) 495 6321
    PHIT America.


    Help us combat childhood obesity and diabetes with physical activity and education.

    Our 4-point strategy to end preventable childhood inactivity, obesity and diabetes:

    According to Dr. Mike Evans, founder of the Health Design Lab at the Li Ka Shing Knowledge Institute, an Associate Professor of Family Medicine and Public Health at the University of Toronto, and a staff physician at St. Michael's Hospital—1regular exercise reduces depression by 47%, diabetes by 55%, and anxiety by 48%. Why are Physical Education programs in high schools not available to 248% of American children? Personal Health Investment Today or "PHIT" America is an organization and campaign working with other organizations and companies resolved to helping communities improve health and physical fitness by educating Americans on the benefits of physical activity. PHIT America specifically focuses on physical activity and sports programming as used as tools in a war against childhood physical inactivity leading to aggressive obesity and diabetes rates in America. PHIT America employs 4 key strategies to help improve habits of physical activity in all Americans daily lives including physical fitness education, health care legislation, grassroots school-based activity and sports programs, and strategic alignment of leading companies, organizations, influencers and celebrities united in effort to help Americans become more active and lead healthier lifestyles.

    Strategy 1 - Educate Americans

    PHIT America uses social media as a key component to communicate with America. We educate Americans by publishing eye opening News Flash Articles 2-3 times a month which are sent to Americans directly and through our 140+ Sponsors and other supporters. Our Sponsors also are promoting increased activity, sports, and fitness programs. We expose research and stories which stress the importance to be active and fit for a healthy lifestyle.

    Strategy 2 - Pass Common Sense US Legislation

    With the increasing costs of health care, it is vital we prevent these costs before they arise. PHIT America is 'redefining health care' with two pieces of US legislation which are common sense approaches to getting Americans more active, fit and healthy.

    1. The PHIT Act - The Personal Health Investment Today Act is new legislation which will allow Americans to use Pre-tax Medical Accounts for physical activity expenses. Pills, medicine and surgery are important for personal health. However, increased physical activity and fitness will help prevent health care cost before they arise. A recent study by the World Health Organization found $1 invested in physical activities will reduce $3.20 in health care expenses.
    2. The PEP Program - The Physical Education Program is a 12 year federal program which supplies grants from the Department of Education to physical education programs in local communities. Research is very compelling showing the benefits of PE. Kids who have physical education are more than twice as likely to be active outside of school. And, there is conclusive research a child who is active is a better student too.

    Strategy 3 - Support Grassroots & School Programs

    Changing behavior most often occurs in families, communities and schools. PHIT America has initiatives for all three:

    1. Grassroots schools and community programs - Through our partner, KIDS in the GAME, we are supporting programs which help children get more active, playing more sports and increase their fitness. We also support physical education programs which are critical to developing healthy lifestyles.
    2. Community supported programs - The Mayors Fitness Challenge is a new 10-week group fitness program which will help Americans jump-start their life back to increased fitness and improved health. Americans should contact their local leaders to utilize this free program from PHIT America to help their citizens.
    3. The "Online Yellow Pages" of places to be active, fit and healthy - PARTICIPATE. Check out our database of over 50 sports or activities which have local programs or services in your community.

    Strategy 4 - Work Together To Achieve Our Mission

    The obesity crisis and inactivity pandemic developed over many years and will take time and many people and companies working together to reverse these trends. There is a place for every concerned company or individual to be a part of our PHIT America Movement:

    • Companies or Organizations - Join our Alliance. We have 140 companies working together today. Every company who believe in our mission should be a part of our cause and campaign.
    • Local "Influencers" or Ambassadors - Coaches, Instructors, PE Teachers, Fitness Professionals, Media, etc. are welcome to be part of our team and help us achieve our mission.
    • Celebrities - PHIT America is a great cause to be associated with.
    • Americans - Join our Fan Club. You can be part of our "Movement".

    We can try to overcome the inactivity pandemic with individual efforts. PHIT America is a way to work together to achieve our goal to get more Americans active, fit and healthy. Please visit http://www.phitamerica.org for complete citation and more information about how you can participate and join major efforts to help Americans get active and live healthier lifestyles.

    Please visit PHIT America's social media sites to learn more about physical activity.

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    1Dr. Mike Evans — 23 and 1/2 Hours (http://www.evanshealthlab.com/23-and-12-hours/)
    248% of High Schools Have No PE — AAHPERD Shape of the Nation

    End childhood inactivity, obesity and diabetes with PHIT America.

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