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    Personal Training LaPlace, LA • (504) 331-1152
    ISSA Certified Personal Trainer LaPlace, LA 70068

    LaPlace, LA 70068

    Services › Personal Training › Small-Group Sports Performance › LaPlace, LA 70068

    Personal Training LaPlace Louisiana (LA) 70068.

    Personal Trainer & Small-Group Fitness Instructor Devrin Batiste

    I am certified personal trainer in LaPlace, Louisiana. LaPlace is the largest city in St. John the Baptist Parish, one of the original parishes in LA. I offer personal training and small-group training services, including one-on-one individualized supervised exercise instruction sessions, and group fitness classes designed to focus on exercise and training for groups of people looking to lose fat and weight, build muscle, strength, endurance, flexibility and prioritize sports specific exercise modalities to improve sports performance.

    I am certified by the International Sports Science Association (ISSA) as a Certified Fitness Trainer, and I am CPR/AED certified. I received my ISSA certification to train professionally in January of 2012. Growing up in LaPlace, I was always the skinny kid that no one wanted on their team. I was always called named and back then those names really bothered me. Of course I wanted to be accepted by my peers but the skinny nerdy guy would never be accepted.

    About 4 years ago I was going through a pretty rough spot in my life where it seemed that everything that could go wrong was going wrong. At the time, I was already going to the gym because I had started playing semi-pro football but I was not as focused as I should have been. I would workout in the afternoon and then wake up in the middle of the night and workout again. Thats when I started to take notice how my body was changing and I loved it. Needless to say, working out became an addiction and I kept on going.

    Seeing where I had come from and where I had made it, people started to ask me for advice on working out. I would tell my wife that everybody is starting to ask me for advice and she suggested that I start training them. At first I shunned the idea simply because I was not certified and because I didn't think that I could do it. The more I thought about it though, the more I started to convince myself that I could do it. One day I decided that I would take the course and see what happens and 10 months later I received my personal trainer certification.

    Now 1 1/2 years later, I consider myself to be one of the best trainers in LaPlace, LA, if not the best. I have several clients that I am training right now that includes a high school football player and a female college basketball player. I have a ton of pride in what I do and it excites me the most when my clients finally reach their fitness goals. I am fairly new to the training business but I have really BIG goals that I will attain. My largest and most pressing goal is to deliver a quality training experience for my clients. My personal training services are designed to meet the needs of average everyday people like me and you, who have goals ranging from controlling obesity and healthy weight loss, to student athletes looking to increase sports performance. If you live or work in the St. John the Baptist Parish area or LaPlace, LA, please contact me today to discuss your fitness or performance training goals.

    Personal Training and Small-Group Training in LaPlace, Louisiana with Dervin Batiste

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