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    Tempe, AZ • Personal Training for Women • Kelly Gibson › Tel: (480) 270-4968
    Certified Women's Fitness Trainer in Tempe, AZ Kelly Irish.

    Tempe, AZ 85283

    Personal Training › Functional Training for Women › Tempe, AZ 85283 › Kelly Gibson

    Mobile, in home, personal training for women in Tempe, AZ 85283.

    Personal Training for Women › 125 W Gemini Dr #E10 Tempe, AZ

    I am a certified personal trainer and nutrition coach providing personal training services for women in Tempe, AZ. My personal training studio is located at 125 W Gemini Dr #E10 Tempe, AZ 85283. I am responsible for coaching my ladies in areas of fitness, weight loss, nutrition and exercise. My experience and education in fitness and exercise extends far beyond academics alone, I lost 85 pounds before starting my career as a NASM certified personal trainer, so I can relate intimately to many of the experiences and challenges you may encounter on a daily basis. As a living testimony to fitness as a lifestyle, my proven exercise methodology and track record of life changing physical and emotional transformations, I am excited to help you, too, lose weight, strengthen your entire body, and become more self-confident than ever!

    The experience of losing weight and becoming healthy compels me reach out to other women, like you, in Tempe to help motivate and encourage one step forward towards a new body and life. I created Kelly Athletics LLC as a personal training business designed specifically for women in Tempe, AZ. My primary goal is to make fitness, exercise, and healthier living a fun and convenient experience for you personally. We will explore your needs and limitations with simple assessments and determine together the best plan for action based on your work schedule, your physical limitations, and your fitness goals. Because my studio is intimate and centrally located—you won't need to waste hours driving back-and-forth to a crowded health club. Our safe and challenging workouts will take place in the comfort of our personal training studio or outdoors for a more intense experience!

    Compassionate Personal Training for Women of All Shapes & Sizes!

    As a professional personal trainer providing fitness education, instruction, and coaching services, it is ultimately my responsibility to make sure that you receive high quality compassionate instruction and an experience that will last a lifetime. Every person is unique and we all have individual challenges and battles that can overwhelm us and complicate planning for better eating and regular physical activity. I understand what it is like to be overwhelmed, too busy, and flat out disgusted with past attempts to lose weight and maintain a healthy and ideal body weight. I understand the feeling a woman has inside her when everything seems off, when our schedule, family, and work demands make it almost impossible for "me time". That's where I come in—I'm here for you, I can help you prioritize and plan steps that will bring you closer each day to your fitness and health goals.

    If you live in Tempe Arizona please contact me today to learn more about my personal training and nutrition coaching services for women and how I can help you develop a fitness and exercise plan that makes sense, for real women, for real life!

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