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    Treadmill Service, Motor, Deck, Belt, Display Console Maintenance and Cleaning.

    Treadmill Tips

    Learn how to maintain your new treadmill by cleaning and servicing your treadmill.

    Treadmill display console.Treadmill maintenance begins with maintaining a clean treadmill. Most minor repairs apply to plastic moldings and bottle holders. More serious repairs related to motor, treadmill belt, and electronic display can be minimized by keeping a new treadmill clean. Along with continuous wiping of the treadmill (use a soft, lint free, cloth and warm water) it is essential to keep the fitness room floor clean. Weekly cleaning underneath the treadmill can keep dust from entering the machine and causing belt damage. Dust can build up under the treadmill belt, decreasing the effectiveness of the treadmill belt lubricant.

    Please consider the following 5 cleaning tips to keep this new treadmill clean:

    • Dust and wipe the treadmill down after every use, removing sweat, dirt, and dust particles.
    • Use a lint free cloth with warm water and very mild cleaning solution to clean console.
    • Dry treadmill, frame, belt, and display after each cleaning using a dry lint free cloth.
    • Vacuum fitness floor, rugs, and rubber mats, especially underneath your machine.
    • Using vacuum attachments, remove dust from grooves, traction rails, and reachable areas.

    Treadmill Maintenance Tips for Frame, Motor, Deck, Rollers, Belt, and Display Console.

    The main components of a treadmill are the frame, motor, deck, rollers, belt, and display console. Please note the following information on each of these treadmill parts:


    The frame is the most resilient part of the treadmill and usually has the longest warranty of all parts. The frame consists of the structure responsible for carrying all working components of a treadmill. The frame is most likely constructed of steel and is usually welded, and/or bolted together. It is essential to clean and dry the frame of the treadmill with a soft cloth after every use. As a part of regularly scheduled service, the certified repair technician will inspect and repair the frame as needed.


    The treadmill motor is responsible for driving the belt for the life of the machine. It is especially important to maintain the motor by keeping it clean and by using the machine as it is specifically designed. Often, people use treadmills that are not designed for their bodyweight and level of use. Higher speeds, incline level, and weight of user can affect the proper functioning of a treadmill motor. Often, we find that treadmills are purchased without consideration of the factors listed above. Buying a treadmill that is not designed to handle heavy use, or heavy users, can greatly shorten the life of the motor and machine. According to scheduled maintenance, a certified technician will remove the treadmill motor cover inspect, clean, and repair the motor as needed.


    Treadmill rollers facilitate proper treadmill belt tension allowing the belt to move unrestricted in the desired mode of speed and incline. The treadmill rollers adjust to provide the required tension necessary to keep the treadmill belt centered on the deck. Keeping proper alignment and tension of the rollers, as well as keeping the rollers clean, will prolong the life of the belt, deck, and use of the treadmill. Adjustments made to the rollers can influence the tracking or lateral movement of the treadmill belt during operation. Normal use, weight of the user, and intensity of use, can push the belt to one side or the other of the treadmill deck. Often, improper adjustment of the treadmill rollers can cause undue wear on the belt, causing the belt to stray off to one side of the deck, requiring early replacement. A certified treadmill technician can make necessary adjustments to prolong the life and proper use of the treadmill.  


    The treadmill deck is the surface in which your belt rides during movement. Treadmill decks are not all the same. The type of deck equipped on your machine will greatly influence your exercise experience. Treadmill decks are made to withstand significant force, weight, and intensity of use. Additionally, the deck of your treadmill absorbs shock and lessens the force delivered to your joints, bones, and body. Thus allowing regular use without increased wear and tear to a users feet, ankles, knees, low back, and spine. A technician certified to work on the treadmill will inspect, clean, and make any necessary repairs or replacement of the treadmill deck.


    The belt of your machine is responsible for carrying a user while walking or running. This activity puts great friction on all moving parts of a treadmill. The belt rides over rollers that are driven by the treadmill motor. Lubrication by means of wax or special lubricant made by the treadmill manufacturer decreases the amount of friction to the treadmill deck, rollers, and motor. It is essential to maintain the treadmill belt by keeping it free of dust and dirt, as well as regularly reapplying the treadmill manufacturers lubricant. Some treadmill belts offer a unique design that ‘self-lubricates’ the belt while in motion. The service technician responsible for maintenance on your treadmill will properly inspect, lubricate, align, repair or replace the belt as needed.


    The display of your treadmill is the unit responsible for detailing all user information, including exercise program, speed, incline, intensity, heart rate, error messages, and suggested maintenance or repair requirements. The treadmill display is also called a console. The treadmill console must be kept clean using a soft cloth and mild detergent. Harsh detergents may alter the appearance or denature the console. The treadmill console contains information about the model number, included exercise programs, and installed software.

    For help, tips, or information about the proper care, cleaning, and maintenance of a treadmill, please contact us using the ‘contact’ tab located at the top right of this page. Please include as much necessary information as possible when making an enquiry about exercise equipment or treadmill repair, services, maintenance, and cleaning.

    Contact us for treadmill, bike, elliptical trainer or cardio equipment service and parts.

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