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    Personal Training Children & Adults › Sharjah › United Arab Emirates › Siby C Chacko
    Sharjah, Rolla, United Arab Emirates (UAE)

    Sharjah, UAE

    Personal Trainers in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates (UAE) › Personal Training with Siby

    Personal Trainer Siby C Chacko in Sharjah, Rolla, United Arab Emirates (UAE).

    Call Exercise Educator Siby in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates (UAE) +971 50 590 9337

    Hello, my name is Siby C Chacko, I offer personal training in Al Khezamia, Rolla, Sharjah, United Arab Emirates (UAE) specializing in exercise induced neuroplasticity and anti-aging effect of exercises. Additionally, I offer a consultancy service for exercise professionals in therapeutic lifestyle program design (TLC), exercise education, geriatric fitness training, brain targeted training programs for children with developmental delay, athletic injury rehabilitation, obesity management programs, exercise programs for people challenged with lifestyle diseases, hypertrophy stimulus training (HST) and stress management programs. You may reach me at my physical location in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates (UAE). My philosophy is to spread the art and science of exercise and fitness among both exercise professionals, educators, and layman. I give emphasis to build my personal training clients and students into professional practitioners by prompting them to ask why should I do this exercise in this way rather than that way? I help them to realize their real fitness goals by defining steps in their personal journey in developing better practices and habits contributing to a healthier lifestyle, and a stronger, more flexible, resilient, and aesthetically balanced physique.

    Why do you do what you do?

    I am an exercise Physiologist with a special interest in Exercise induced Neuroplasticity and anti-aging effect of exercises. Others describe me as a strong advocate of evidence based practice of exercise science. My lifetime commitment as an exercise professional is grounded by my commitment to develop a comprehensive understanding of the physiological integration of human anatomical systems and their response to various type of exercise in both health and illness. As an educator and a fitness consultant I persuade my team and other professionals to be scientific and evidence based practitioners of exercise and fitness science. We encourage evidence based practice in exercise science is a professional art of interpreting and applying qualitative, quantitative and theoretical research data in exercise science and related fields to make decisions on client specific exercise and lifestyle change programs designing for both therapeutic and fitness purposes. I firmly believe that it is the duty of every single exercise professional to make sure that he or she is capable of distinguishing the unique physical, physiological, psychological, and social needs of his/her unique clients in order to improve their quality of life through systematic exercise, diet and rest in both health and illness.

    Exercise is both prophylaxis and therapeutic. But to use it wisely one must have the knowledge to determine the right type, mode, intensity and volume depending on the unique psycho-somatic demand of the client. I take pride in teaching, practicing and promoting these facts.

    How is your service unique amongst your competitors?

    Me and my team follow a very systematic and scientific algorithm for client interview, pre-participation screening, Fitness and Therapeutic exercise, and lifestyle change program designing. We adhere to ACSM, ASEP, CSEP & NSCA guidelines.

    Client interview and pre-participation screening consist of:

    • PAR-Q
    • Physical Evaluation: It consist of Anthropometric Measurements, Postural analysis & gait analysis.
    • Physiological Evaluation: It consist of review of cardiovascualar system, metabolic profiling, neuromuscular assessment.
    • Medical and Pharmacological profiling: It consist of obtaining medical history, pharmacological Hx in order to make sure whether the client require expert consent to participate in fitness programs or to make clinical exercise related decisions.
    • Nutritional Profiling: It consist of obtaining relevant data of nutrition and diet so that specific biochemical analysis can be carried out if required and can also design a personalized diet plan.
    • Socio-occupational Profiling: It consist of obtaining the data relevant to the occupational and social life. So that the practitioner can make highly personalized therapeutic and fitness plans.

    These data of client interview are systematically analyzed and expert opinions are sought depending on the demand prior to designing and implementing Fitness/ Therapeutic programs for our clients. This unique, extensive and scientific approach makes me and my team unique in the health and fitness industry.

    Our Services:

    • Personal Training
    • Group Fitness Sessions.
    • Prenatal and Postnatal Exercise Programs.
    • Special Programs for Geriatric Population (Senior Citizens)
    • Group Fitness Sessions for Kids and Adolescents.
    • Aerobic Dance Sessions

    Clinical Exercise prescription and Therapeutic Lifestyle and diet change program designing and instructions for cardiovascular, euro-muscular, orthopedic, and metabolic conditions. Neuroplasticity depended training programs for children and adolescents suffering from developmental dyslexia and dyspraxia.

    Special Services for professionals:

    • Seminars on the art of evidence based practice of exercise Science.
    • Seminars & Online live lectures on Basic Neuroscince, Neuroanatomy & Motor Behavior, Neuroplasticity & Neuroplasticty depended exercise prescription for geriatric population and Neurodegenerative conditions.
    • Online and offline consultation on clinical exercise program designing.

    Services in Sharjah, Rolla, United Arab Emirates (UAE) › Physical Education with Siby

    I teach holistic fitness, and coach my students supported by fact-based science in exercise programming for increased performance, endurance, speed, strength, and conditioning free of short cuts including the use of anabolic steroids. Scientifically designed training programs, accurately tailored diet and systematic recovery lead to long term, healthy, sustained physical fitness and athletic performance. I confidently encourage my veteran clients to do exercise by standing on the shoulders of neuroplasticity and adult neurogenesis. My training programs are not confined to traditional aerobic training, strength training, or flexibility training, rather we target to train the functional neural pathways of brain. I am a promoter of neuroplasticity (brain plasticity) science and plasticity dependent changes in cognitive and motor behavioral output. My training programs and training strategies prioritize adaptation induced epigenetic changes over neural and metabolic adaptation.

    I am an experience health and fitness consultant (HFS) and Physical Education Teacher trained at the Lekshmi Bhai National College of Physical Education. I developed SIBYS FORTIS LAND my fitness and lifestyle consultancy service with a very noble purpose to help my fellow professionals and layman's alike aware that the "human body is a biological system, it's function and existence are strictly governed by the synchronous functioning of various physiological systems that act on the basis of laws of Biophysics and Mathematically precise bio-algorithms." Every human being has an apparently similar physiological systems that differ in performance in a subtle and unique way. Therefore my approach to exercise, fitness and lifestyle coaching is based on unique psycho-somatic needs of uniquely different individual's physiology. In the past 4 years of my professional career as an exercise physiologist I have helped many of my colleagues in our profession. Many of my clients, ranging from medical professionals, space scientists, and school children have benefitted greatly from my coaching based in accepted scientific understandings about what fitness, exercise, and "fitness lifestyle" actually means and how these components of healthier living are achieved. We learn and teach as students of science to realize fitness goals in an objective way that is both body and mind friendly.

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