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    Austin TX › Fitness Centers › Personal Trainers › Andy Bruchey › (512) 484-2270
    Fitness Training Services Austin TX 78748

    Fitness Training › Austin, TX

    Fitness Centers › Fitness Training › Personal Trainers › Austin, Texas › Andy Bruchey

    Personal Trainers in Austin TX 78748

    My name is Andy Bruchey. I founded Complete Fitness Design 18 years ago—a personal fitness training services business (Austin Fitness Center) located at 3100 West Slaughter Lane, Austin, Texas, 78748. Personal trainers and group fitness instructors have similar goals in common in that we all look for ways to successfully help our clients learn how to exercise effectively, efficiently, and safely. My particular focus in working with people (of all ability and exercise experience levels) is to help them identify physical limitations, any level of contraindications to specific exercise, and assess their current physical abilities to better understand how to develop a strategy for exercise that will help them work towards significant positive fitness results.

    Personal Training › Weight Loss › Post Rehabilitation › Exercise Programs › Austin TX

    I have 18 years of practical experience working with people looking to lose body fat and bodyweight, improve muscular strength and lean muscled mass. In addition to body composition goals, I help my clients correct muscular imbalances to improve their flexibility, and decrease, manage or eliminate low back, leg, and hip pain. I have experience working with people recovering from injury and design exercise routines that meet the needs of people who have successfully completed their rehabilitation program. When my clients are able to perform exercises safely and effectively, in time, we see significant improvement in activities of daily living, recreation, and improved lifestyle. I help coach my clients to choose nutritious and well balanced meals and eating habits based on their doctors recommendations and I support and encourage them to recognize their role in managing healthy and ideal weight—as well as regular activity and exercise.

    Exercise regularly to increase physical fitness and live a healthier, happier lifestyle.

    Over the last 18 years I have learned to help people improve their conditioning and strength for sports performance, lose weight and body fat, and participate in regular exercise while managing difficult health issues including diabetes, obesity, hypertension, depression, and several conditions related to bone and joint health. Whether you are an average person suffering from pain and discomfort related to inactivity or muscular imbalances, or an active person or athlete looking to take your physical abilities to the next level, I can sit down with you and discuss any issues you may be managing and outline your needs and fitness or performance goals. Armed with accurate assessment information, together, we can build an exercise program that will meet your expectations. If you are looking for a personal trainer with many years of practical experience and a proven track record of helping people become healthier, stronger, and better equipped to manage stress, recovery from injury and live an active, healthy lifestyle—I am here for you.

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