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    Alycia Kluegl

    Personal Training Bergen NJ 07047

    fat burning exercises, training videos and nutrition tips from east coast hometown NJ

    Alycia Kluegl › Exercise Physiologist › Celebrity Personal Trainer › Bergen New Jersey

    Hello, my name is Alycia Kluegl. My experience and training as a celebrity personal trainer and an Exercise Physiologist helps me to develop fat burning workouts for people of all ability levels. You can find me in my hometown of Bergen, NJ shopping at our local fresh fruit and vegetables vendor locations. I provide personal training videos and nutritional information online.

    Eating healthy, exercising daily and maintaining a positive mindset and attitude toward every day, combined, allow us all to enjoy wellness and better living. As founder of Empower Your Body, a celebration of everything fitness and health viewed by nearly 1.5 million homes throughout the tri-state areas, including NJ, NY, and CT. Working with our staff, our mission is to contribute to the wellness of humanity. We feel we are working toward this by providing personal training, group fitness, massage therapy, and several other fitness and wellness services.

    Let me help you begin your journey of empowering your body! If you would like the opportunity to join as a corporate sponsor, or to simply have your business, service, or product featured on Empower Your Body TV simply contact me using the form below.

    In health,
    Alycia Kluegl
    Personal Trainer
    North Bergen, NJ 07047

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    Alycia Kluegl › Exercise Physiologist › Personal Training North Bergen, New Jersey

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