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    Children's Special Needs Physical Education Program • Luis • (561) 289-2543
    TOPS Youth Soccer - Physical education program for children with special needs in Boca Raton FL 33433.

    Boca Raton, FL

    Physical Education Program for Children with Special Needs in Boca Raton, FL 33433

    Adaptive Physical Education Program for Children with Special Needs in Boca Raton, FL 33433 by Luis Gajardo.

    Physical Education › Exercise Programs for Special Needs Children:

    Luis Gajardo is the director of the Pure Sports Foundation—a physical education exercise program in Boca Raton FL for children with special needs developed to improve physical fitness and gross motor skills in children. Luis is a USA Certified Head Trainer for TOPS Soccer (United States Special Needs Youth Soccer) of the Florida Youth Soccer Association. Luis has created athletics programs across multiple sports throughout the state of Florida for the last 15 years.

    In addition to running Top Soccer in South Florida, Luis directs VIP programs (the American Youth Soccer Organization's— AYSO —Special Needs program) in Boynton Beach, and is a Director and Trainer for the Jewish Community Center of Palm Beach working with both children and adults with developmental challenges and special needs.

    Pure Sports › Special Needs Program for Children & Young Athletes

    Pure Sport Foundation run sports programs and activities for all Kids through Schools, Sports Club and Private Institutions throughout southern and central Florida. Based in South Florida, Pure Sports Foundation is offering unparalleled sports programs tailored specifically to Schools, Clubs or any private institution working with recreational level and special needs children. "Sports help children develop physical skills, get exercise, make friends, improve self-esteem, have fun, learn to play as a member of a team, and learn lesson of fair play."

    Our emphasis is on creating an environment geared toward achieving success through adaptive practice of physical events developed to meet specific needs of each young athlete or child exercise enthusiast. Our goal is to maximize opportunities for growth and enjoyment and minimizing any emphasis on a child's limitation(s). Let us open up the world of achievement through sports, physical education, and exercise that every child deserves!

    Our Adaptive Physical Exercise Education Program for Child Athletes

    Pure Sports Foundation special needs program is an adaptive physical education program which utilizes a modified STS™ training, and is designed to improve and develop gross motor skills and physical fitness through sports. The program provides the opportunities for special needs athletes to enjoy the game and develop at their own pace for free.

    Pure Sports special needs program is appropriate for anyone who for physical, mental, or behavioral reasons is challenged in succeeding in a recreational environment. The most common Pure Sports special needs conditions are down syndrome, autism, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), and cerebral palsy. The special needs program identifies each condition and targets incentives and an optimal approach to develop clear and successful communication and participation of each child at his or her own pace.

    PSG is a premier sports business in Florida offering special needs programs specifically for children. Our program director, Luis Gajardo, has been appointed head trainer of special needs programs by the FYSA, the leading youth soccer organization in the state of Florida. Our goal is to be able to offer this program to cities and clubs on a "sponsored" basis, free of charge to all special needs children, young athletes and their families!

    Adaptive Physical Education Program for Children with Special Needs in Boca Raton, FL

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