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    Zumba® › 765 Pacific Hwy Chatswood NSW 2067 AU › Leela Manik › 0490119738
    Zumba Group Exercise Classes Chatswood Sydney

    Zumba Chatswood

    Try our Zumba® Fitness classes for weight loss for women in Chatswood Sydney NSW.

    zumba fitness classes chatswood, sydney

    Where can I take Zumba classes in Sydney?

    Licensed Zumba instructors (known as ZIN's) Leela Manik, Alessia Nikolaieva, and Soc Sepulchre offer Zumba® fitness classes in Chatswood, Sydney. The Zumba® studio is located at 765 Pacific Hwy Chatswood NSW 2067, Australia. Together we hold classes in the North Shore area to promote health, fitness, and camaraderie. Women love our fitness classes because we support each other every day and we champion women's health, wellness, and friendship! Zumba Fitness classes are group fitness classes that anyone—with or without dance experience— can join. There are no mistakes in our exercise classes. Our classes are easy to follow, effective, and so much fun!

    What is Zumba?

    Our Zumba® classes are designed to be high energy. This means that our class members will burn a lot of calories while following basic movements that are fun. Adding Zumba® fitness classes to your normal exercise routine can help you to stick to a consistent exercise program which is a great way to lose weight and maintain ideal bodyweight and body fat. Class members can expect to burn more than 500 calories per class! Because our exercise program is formatted to include movements that require full body engagement you can expect a functional workout that helps you to develop muscle tone and strength while you lose weight. Additionally, because you will be moving through three planes of motion (sagittal, frontal, and transverse) you can bet that you will be using muscles you didn't even know you have!

    Is Zumba a dance class?

    It is important to understand what Zumba® IS and what it IS NOT. Zumba® Fitness classes are designed for ALL people ranging all ages and physical fitness levels. Modified Zumba® classes are available for seniors, overweight and/or obese people, as well as people who have special needs or physical limitations. Our Zumba® classes are not dance classes. No dance experience is necessary to join the Zumba® party! Our Zumba® class formats use music rhythm to motivate participants to accomplish simple movements in our easy-to-follow exercise classes with a little bit of flavour and a whole-lot-of fun! Our Zumba® fitness classes are open to people for all ages and fitness levels, so long as you are moving and having fun, you are doing great! The key to losing weight and staying healthy is to enjoy exercise and be consistent. After just a few classes you will be amazed at what you have achieved. We know—because we've done what you are trying to do. As fitness enthusiasts and professional instructors of exercise classes that are fun—we exercise for the love of health.

    From us to you; "It is our goal to create an atmosphere of celebration and exuberance through movement." — Leela "We want our participants to leave grinning from ear to ear in their sweaty pants and tops!" — Soc "Giggle, Wiggle and lose that Jiggle!" — Alessia

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    To learn more about our Zumba classes in Chatswood Sydney please visit us below.

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