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    Chicago, IL › Gym Flooring › Sports Field Turf
    Chicago Flooring.

    Chicago Flooring

    Chicago Flooring › Health Club, Sports Facility, Commercial and Gym Flooring Tiles

    Sports Flooring Greater Chicago, IL Areas

    Sports Flooring Tips › Choosing Polymer, PVC or Rubber Flooring:

    Are you thinking about purchasing polymer, PVC or rubber gym flooring tiles? Does your location figure into an appropriate selection of gym flooring? Chicago hosts the most beautiful seasonal weather—great for the view but seasonal temperature changes can cause excess damage to your rubber flooring tiles. Choosing the perfect flooring solution for your home, residential or commercial fitness, free-weight, and wet or spa areas can prove to be challenging IF you do not plan appropriately.

    Throughout the Greater Chicagoland Area you will find a range of gym flooring solutions ranging from sports and athletic flooring and turf, yoga, ground exercise and high traffic flooring to free-weights, wet and spa areas and fitness flooring. The difference in manufacturing materials, application, installation and intended uses for all of these types of flooring is substantial. Gym flooring tiles are manufactured using different materials to match durability and cushion needs between different gym use areas, for example; free-weight, fitness, aerobics, and martial arts areas. While PVC gym flooring is perfect for high traffic areas, E2 polymer and rubber gym flooring tiles are better suited to fitness, aerobics, and free-weight areas.

    Flooring Value Drivers › Sports, Facility and Commercial Flooring

    Among the most reliable gym flooring companies, we set the standard in high-end specialty and technical gym flooring tiles. Our rubber flooring tiles are made of a composite including rubber and polymer that allows them to be water proof, fire resistant, easy to install and provides excellent antibacterial properties. Additionally, our flooring manufacturing process allows us to provide the very best impact absorption and energy restitution in gym flooring tile. The flooring tiles can be personalized (logos, special designs, and exercise zoning patterns). Noise absorption has been rated at up to 21dB reduction in areas with high acoustic issues. It's thermal insulation properties are constructed in such a way that micro air-bubbles act as natural insulation against cold and dampness. Most importantly, all of our gym flooring products can benefit from a free of charge warranty extension, increasing the period from 2 to 5 years.

    Greater Chicago, IL Area › Commercial, Facility and Sports Flooring

    We welcome you to speak with one of our flooring specialists today to get more information on specific styles, applications, and uses of rubber, composite, PVC and E2 Polymer commercial, sports, and facility flooring tiles for your needs. Additionally, we can assist you in choosing rubber flooring for residential "home gyms", commercial gyms and health clubs. We can help you to determine what design features and specifications meet your needs and help you to select appropriate facility, commercial, and sports flooring made of polymers, PVC, composite or rubber interlocking flooring tiles or specialty indoor sports flooring, running track and outdoor field turf.

    Chicago, IL › Commercial › Facility › Sports › Composite, PVC and Rubber Flooring.

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