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    Find a trainer in Memphis, Tenneessee for local in home and mobile personal training.

    personal trainer in memphis, tn, derek

    Do you want to be healthy?

    Are you looking for a personal trainer in Memphis? Why do I provide personal training? I believe you should be healthy, successful, and inspire joy in others. When I started this organization, it wasn't the resource it is today for people worldwide. My personal training service began as a simple effort to help people recognize lifestyle conditions and behaviors, through careful exploration and assessment, that contribute to illness, disorder, and preventable disease. As a personal trainer, I simply leverage my education and practical experience to help women and men employ exercise and behavioral modification techniques to become healthier, stronger, more flexible, energized, and more passionate about living with purpose.

    How can one-on-one personal training help you to improve your health and feel good?

    The benefits of personal training are numerous. You can expect an intentional journey in self discovery that leads you to perform specific exercise in a functional capacity commensurate with your ambitions and needs. My initial goal is to simply help you recognize behaviors and experiences contributing to preventable heart disease, diabetes, obesity, weight gain, muscular imbalance, back pain and discomfort, joint pain, and emotional stress. In my experience, when we are faced with challenges, either physical limitations or health complications, we can feel paralyzed in fear or we can define our challenges and get help. That is where I come in. I can help you identify challenges, appreciate your personal needs, and work with you to develop a comprehensive plan to manage or reverse common ailments and preventable disorders by directly confronting behaviors that sabotage health, fitness, and wellness. In fact, by defining your challenges in a systematic and responsible manner, you can actually become more focused and more confident about the scope and reality of each challenge. Once we understand and accept your challenges, and any level of limitation, I can help you to change or modify simple behaviors resulting in positive emotional and physical outcomes. Honest exploration of emotional connections to food or mechanisms for managing stress may expose new behavior necessary for progress. As you adopt new behavior and adhere to planned exercise you will certainly develop a strong sense of hope and motivation to face challenges, choose to eat well balanced foods and appropriate food portions, and act in a manner that simply makes you feel good.

    In my career of helping people identify and explore physical, medical, and emotional challenges, it has been most common to easily trace physical manifestation of many ailments directly to lifestyle choices. You must know and find that inactivity, poor diet, and insufficient management of stress directly contributes to lower quality of life, less success, and living with less joy. Many people struggle to manage health risks, but like you, me, and everyone—we have the ability to make choices. When we accept the power of our choices we must also accept responsibility for the outcomes of our choices. And when we accept responsibility, we also accept the fact that individuals choose better health, choose to be more successful, choose to get or accept help overcoming challenges, and therefore—choose to succeed.

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    If you are an exercise professional or fitness educator in Memphis please join us here.

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