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    Mark Barton • Tel: (916) 807-0502

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    Personal Trainer & Outdoor Fitness Boot Camp Instructor Mark Barton Sacramento CA

    fitness boot camps

    Mark Barton

    I am a certified personal trainer providing outdoor small-group fitness classes and personal training in throughout The Pocket-Greenhaven areas in Sacramento California. I specialize in mobile exercise and fitness programs. I invite you to join my clients to capitalize on the beauty and fresh air consuming our senses as I challenge you to learn about your body, abilities, and fitness goals. There is something special about realizing our connection to everything living that can lead to greater awareness of physical capabilities and ultimately, health. Working with personal training clients outdoors in small-group training sessions or one-on-one invites a contagious sense of motivation, physical and emotional feedback, and a socially rewarding experience in fitness training.

    Outdoor Training Locations

    I like to plan workouts with my fitness clients based on individual interests, motivators, fitness goals, and previous positive experiences. As a part of your exercise experience you can expect to perform well planned exercise routines at local parks, playgrounds, in your home, local churches or other locations throughout (The Pocket) Sacramento. Because I specialize in bodyweight training, TRX® Suspension Training®, Group Corporate Training and Personal Training utilizing simple but effective exercise equipment, exercising one-on-one or in a group, I guarantee you will find this exercise experience unique, physically challenging, and most of all—fun!

    Fitness Boot Camps


    Our workouts together will last about 50 minutes, we challenge your body and mind to accept fitness training as a part of everyday life and focus each training session to include elements of exercise modalities suited to improve muscular strength, flexibility, join mobility, cardio endurance, core conditioning, sports performance and building a "mean-lean-get-after-it" machine! The "Dirty 30" workouts last 30 minutes and is designed to be brief but very effective workouts for general fitness. I treat all my clients exactly how I want to be treated; with respect, compassion and honesty.

    My philosophy is based on functional fitness. That means getting the body to the point where it can move in any direction, plain of motion and do so very easily. A big part of my program is eating right. That means absolutely no "dieting", but just eating healthy foods, proper portion sizes and number of meals each day. All of my one-on-one personal training programs are custom designed for each client based on their level of health, fitness and abilities today, but with their ultimate goals in mind. Our small-group fitness classes are designed to group people of similar fitness interests, abilities, limitations and interests.

    Outdoor group fitness boot camps in The Pocket-Greenhaven area of Sacramento CA.

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