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    Fitness Business Consulting › Facility Concepts › Business Model and Strategy.

    Fitness Consultant

    Fitness business management consulting for personal trainers, health clubs and gyms.

    business fitness consultant derek curtice.

    If your business is struggling it is time to reassess your business model and recovery strategy.

    Stop losing money and learn how to increase revenue.

    Stop the bleeding. Reexamine options to turn your business around.

    The goal of a personal training studio or fitness center is to continue growing a business, generating additional revenue, with strict attention to retention of customers through services and products based on the client or customers current and changing needs. With that said, the roof your fitness center could be on fire and you wouldn't even blink if you were generating a record revenue day! All jokes aside—times are tough and consumers are better educated and significantly more cautious about their spending today than of years gone by.

    Fitness Management › Health Club Industry Consulting at a Glance › What do we do?

    As a management consultant I always ask one question first—What is the most emergent situation facing your facility? From our perspective the first step, before addressing the bigger picture, is to "stop the bleeding." If you are losing money, I doubt you would be concerned about strategic planning and future growth plans…you would most likely want immediate solutions related to member or client attrition, sales training, staffing, infrastructure, data collection, tools and support systems, etc.

    In our opinion, the job of a fitness consultant is to simply provide solutions to a manager or owners needs. With that said, let's take a look into organizing the foundational questions for evaluating your personal training studio or fitness center needs. What level of involvement do need from a consultant? Whether just brainstorming ideas or expanding your studio or fitness center or locations, programs, profit centers, and strategy for continued growth, you will need advice and leadership with ultimate respect for your bottom line and real life concerns.

    Health Club, Personal Training Studio and Fitness Center Consulting Parameters

    Training studios and fitness centers thrive and grow from attacking market changes and conditions by analyzing your customers needs head-on. Most health clubs, fitness centers, and personal training studios, add to their mainstay of new membership sales by diversifying their facility revenue stream. Diversification of revenue streams can be accomplished by creating internal and external profit centers, generating new leads for membership and personal training sales, increasing personal training closing percentages, implementing technology related services and products, and better developing value for services like personal training, group fitness classes, and fitness boot camps. There's an old saying…you can get more folks through the door, dig deeper into their pockets—or, do both! Remember folks want, need and expect better services and products—give them what they need and expect or you will lose them.

    Anyone in the fitness industry can give you advice on making more money from your personal training business—but, can they put it all together in a way you can digest, implement, and afford? Rather than telling you what you need—let's look at a few questions which may help you better understand your personal training studio or fitness centers challenges and needs. Ask yourself questions about your facility strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats, goals, and abilities. If the last one confused you—you need a fitness business consultant.

    Will you need fitness management consulting in any of these areas? If so, let's talk.

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