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    Phillip Shepherd Preston, Lancashire • Tel: +44 7904 832313
    Personal Trainer Phil Shepherd Preston, Lancashire.

    Personal Training Preston

    Join my Fitness Boot Camp in Preston, Lancashire or Contact me for Personal Training

    Personal Trainer Preston UK

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    Phil Shepherd

    I operate a fitness business named Elite Personal Training providing in-home or gym training and fitness boot camps in Preston, Lancashire. I have been involved in personal training for sport and fitness for over 15 years. My athletic background in climbing/hiking, ball sports, running and mixed martial arts provides a stable foundation for functional training and movement efficiency in training.

    Training Experience

    I have worked with children and adults for many years and I understand how to develop excitement and consistency in exercise as a lifestyle in a real and practical way. Working with people of all ability and fitness levels qualifies me as a fitness professional with practical experience coaching people managing a variety of challenges. I understand that in order to get great fitness results, we have to start with communicating and understanding challenges and roadblocks that may present temporary setbacks. Once we have a clear understanding of challenges, we simply take proactive steps to provide simple solutions and reinforce those solutions daily. My goal in personal training as a profession is to explore potential in each client and develop an experience that is enjoyable, challenging, and rewarding.

    Fitness Boot Camps & Personal Training Services

    Training one-on-one or in a fitness boot camp, you will find my no-nonsense, practical, but ambitious coaching and training style to be powerfully motivating and effective. We will use a variety of training tools, kettlebells, resistance bands, free-weights, bodyweight training, and most importantly—our minds. My credentials professional training certifications include Level II Fitness Instructor, Level III Personal Training, Circuit Training and Nutritional Coaching Active IQ, UK.

    I do look forward to speaking with you soon to discuss your current needs and fitness goals. Please visit any of my social media sites to learn more about my personal training services or fitness boot camps or contact me directly by phone today to take advantage of seasonal fitness promotions!

    In health,

    Personal Trainer Preston, Lancashire
    Philip Shepherd
    Certified Personal Trainer
    Fitness Boot Camp Instructor
    Preston, Lancashire UK

    Certifed Fitness Boot Camp Instructor › Personal Trainer Preston, Lancashire UK

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