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    Santa Monica, CA › Personal Training › Greater Los Angeles Area: (310) 772-5105
    Jason Kozma and team of personal trainers in Santa Monica, California.

    Personal Trainers

    Personal Trainers in Santa Monica, CA › Mobile Personal Training in Los Angeles, CA.

    Personal trainers providing personal training services in Santa Monica, CA. and mobile personal training in many locations throughout Los Angeles, CA.

    Jason Kozma & Trainers › High Performance Personal Training in Santa Monica, CA.

    Hello, I am a certified personal trainer providing one-on-one personal training, online training, "bodybuilding bootcamp", and athletic training for student athletes. I operate a personal training facility, "High Performance Personal Training", located at 1233 3rd St. Promenade (Wilshire) Santa Monica, California 90401. Our team of personal trainers offer a variety of fitness programs including post pregnancy training and weight loss programs for women, yoga classes, and pilates classes throughout several locations in Los Angeles. Please check below to review each of our exercise professionals and our locations throughout the Greater Los Angeles Area and review information about our mobile or in-home personal training services.

    What makes each of our personal training services unique and valuable to you?

    Each of my clients is different—I prioritize your needs, your schedule, and your fitness level. I conduct a thorough assessment of your diet, fitness level, and exercise limitations before creating a customized program for you. To give you an idea of why people come to me for help it is important to understand that everyone I see has a unique set of expectations, needs, and goals. Some of my clients are professional athletes at the top of their fields and are strictly looking to improve strength, speed and/or flexibility. Some of my work with me because they want to reduce body fat or lose weight, so I create a nutrition plan, along with targeted workouts to help them achieve maximum results. When my clients achieve their initial desired results, we typically reassess new goals and develop a strategy to address more ambitious goals or simply design a plan to help them maintain their overall health and fitness level lifelong.

    I will teach you to focus on exercise form and proper execution of movement patterns, that helps prevent injury and address muscular imbalances in order to help you to produce the most effective and safe exercise habits and routine. I'm a fan of free weights and machines, but each of my workouts is different based on client needs, limitations, and expectations. I may utilize a variety of training tools or equipment including the TRX® or resistance bands. Cardio interval training, functional training, bodybuilding, stability training, strength training, flexibility and muscular endurance training all require different exercise modalities and practical modification using a variety of tools and specific instruction in order to produce desired results. It depends upon your needs, abilities, fitness goals, and physical limitations—we always start with your current needs and progress accordingly. I feel the best way to achieve long term health and well-being is to balance exercise, proper nutrition, great conditioning and stress reduction. All of these benefits of healthier living can be achieved with consistent training, balanced diet, consistent cardiovascular training and proper stretching. I'm not just there to help you set up machines and re-rack weights; I monitor your success, physical measurements, bodyweight and much more to help you stay on track and find success. Our well qualified team of personal trainers share this vision.

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