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    Celine Nourry, Elwood Victoria • Tel: 0403-679-431
    Personal Trainer Elwood

    Training Elwood, VIC

    Personal Training & Group Fitness Classes › Elwood › Melbourne › Victoria, Australia

    personal trainer elwood vic

    Celine Nourry › Powerfrog › Elwood, VIC

    Personal trainer and group fitness instructor Celine Nourry (a.k.a Powerfrog) provides one-on-one personal training, and group fitness and martial arts classes. Powerfrog is located in Elwood, a suburb of Melbourne, Victoria in Australia. Powerfrog's CrossFit®, Les Mills® BodyCombat™, BodyPump™, group strength and fitness classes can help you to lose weight and improve physical strength, conditioning, and flexibility. The kettlebell training, indoor cycling and exercise programs for children, seniors, and prenatal/postnatal women are among the most popular in Elwood.

    Personal Training & Group Fitness

    Celine has extensive experience training people with chronic medical conditions including diabetes, osteoporosis, and obesity. Clients working with Celine participate in various styles of exercise. The primary focus of personal training is to learn and improve physical strengths and weaknesses, limitations, and abilities. Celine creates customized workouts based on functional training exercise methodology. Functional training helps people achieve improved, long-term fitness results. Each participant enrolled in personal training can benefit from the classes described above. These group fitness activities are not for athletes exclusively, but for everyday people looking to improve their health and fitness.

    MMA Conditioning & Training

    In addition to fitness classes designed for weight loss and general fitness conditioning, Powerfrog offers endurance, strength and conditioning training for mixed martial arts athletes and boxers. If you're an advanced martial arts student or boxer you may enroll in the boxing, kickboxing, Muay Thai, and MMA training programs. Please visit our social media and website for more information about each fitness and training program we offer by location.

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    Thank you for visiting and please come back often or visit my social media sites for updated personal training, group fitness classes, and training information. I have earned a reputation as a serious trainer who has trained men, women, and children of all ability levels throughout Melbourne. As a personal trainer, it is essential to do more than "train". My goal is to teach you how to develop greater cardio strength and endurance, flexibility, muscular strength and endurance, and lose body fat. In my work with boxers, MMA fighters, and kickboxing competitive athletes, we refine and repeat exercises and movements that can increase power, speed, agility, and conditioning. Whether we are exercising in a group with kettlebells, free weight or your bodyweight—you can count on an excellent experience training with me, in Elwood, at Powerfrog!

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