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    Personal and Functional Training › Ryan Allen • Parker, C0 • (720) 422-9397
    ISSA Certified Personal Trainer Parker, Colorado 80138

    Parker, Colorado

    Personal Training › Functional & Group Fitness Classes in Parker, Colorado › Ryan Allen

    Personal Training Parker, Colorado 80138

    Personal Training Services in Parker, CO. › Ryan Allen

    Hello, I am a personal trainer specializing in functional training and group fitness classes located at 10962 Cannonade Drive in Parker, Colorado 80138. Our coaching philosophy is grounded by exercise modalities and progressive training schedules that utilize core training, strength training, and well balanced total body exercise that will challenge you to give your very best effort to realize fitness goals ranging from weight loss and body fat loss to functional strength training for sports, muscular and movement strength and body movement efficiency.

    As a certified personal trainer and specialist in nutrition (ISSA) it is my responsibility to write sound and practical workouts. Your training experience will be customized to fit your individual body type and fitness goals. We are all different and unique, your training sessions should be as well. You will be utilizing core training movements and other functional exercise to improve core strength, balance, cardio endurance and improved body composition. We will continue to push you to the best of your abilities to help you achieve your personal goals.

    My Personal Fitness Journey › Up's and Down's

    I grew up on a farm/ranch in eastern Colorado. I had always been pretty active and stayed in good shape. Weightlifting became a passion of mine after rehabilitating from a torn ACL my sophomore year in high school. It has now become a way of life for me. This passion helps me to stay grounded in my efforts as a professional personal trainer because I immediately identify with and feel empathy for people of all ability levels who work with me.

    It did not come easy though. I struggled with some weight gain in my late 20's and could not get if off. It came down to not doing enough cardio and not watching my calorie intake. It seems so easy to understand now. I became frustrated with how long it was taking to get results. The weight gain was a result of my activity level decreasing over a period of time and my calorie intake staying the same. It was not until I put the same effort into my diet and cardio that I was putting into my weight training before I was able to see and keep the results.

    How Important is Diet When Training for Improved Fitness?

    I struggle with my diet to this day, and there are days when I do not feel like working out. I push myself because of how I look and feel afterwards. Am I tempted to eat crappy foods, of course I am and sometime I cave in. There is no magic pill and this is hard work. No matter what new workout program or diet comes out, at some point it becomes boring and hard work again. Training for weight loss and fitness is about being consistent on a weekly basis and just getting off your butt and getting your workout done—in the most effective, efficient and safest way possible. Is eating healthy and working out a pain or hassle—sometimes...yes it is, but the end results from training smart are very much worth all of your effort.

    Functional Training, Personal and Small-Group Training in Parker, Colorado 80138

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