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    Luis Centeno, Chicago IL • Tel: (708) 510-6800

    Group Fitness › Chicago 60605

    South Loop Personal Training, Fitness Boot Camps & Group Fitness Interval Training.

    south loop chicago

    Personal Training › Outdoor › Small-Group Training › South Loop

    Please drop-in or call to schedule indoor or outdoor training appointments in Chicago.

    Luis Centeno › Personal Trainer

    My name is Luis Centeno, I provide personal and group training and sports nutrition coaching services in the South Loop part of Chicago. I am the principal operator of "Fit-Results" in the historic commercial center (South Loop) with specific focus on fitness services including one-on-one personalized fitness training, group fitness classes, athletic performance training, and sports nutrition coaching. As I have been in practice as a professional certified personal trainer for ten years, I am well equipped to assess your current fitness needs, limitations and goals. I have earned accredited CPR/AED certifications and American Council on Exercise (ACE) CPT coupled with an additional personal trainer certification with Expert Rating.

    Upon developing a transparent understanding of your current fitness needs and goals we will, together, plan a course of action based in exercise and nutrition coaching. I pride myself in the unique ability to connect with my clients as individuals facing different and unique challenges, motivations, and fitness habits. Ultimately, we will work toward building a foundational understanding of exercise, movement, and a healthier lifestyle—step-by-step. My services are unique in that I often offer complimentary training sessions in donation to my community to be a part of larger networks and relationships responsible for for fostering programs designed to create pathways to to healthier communities, individual achievement, and healthier lifestyles.

    Group Training

    My past experiences while working for health clubs and gyms left me feeling inflexible and less helpful to all people. In my experience, corporately managed gyms created rules and regulations that kept me tied up from helping in my greatest capacity, essentially, I had to focus on quotas and high cost personal training revenue rather than simply focusing on quality time with my clients, their fitness experience, and goals. That's why I created FIT-Results Group Training. Our core values and mission in service to our clients will always be fundamentally supported by honesty in communication, respect for time and personal dignity and dedication to FIT-Results!

    Think FIT-Results!

    Thank you for visiting this page to learn a bit about our fitness training services. Please contact me for a schedule of fitness classes and visit FIT-Results social media to take advantage of seasonal incentives for select services for both indoor and outdoor personal training services in Chicago.

    Personal Trainer Luis Centeno › Group Fitness › Downtown › Chicago South Loop.

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