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    Youth Fitness Ministry › Group Fitness Training › Tulsa OK › Smiley (404) 438-3268
    Smiley Elmore, Jr Tulsa Oklahoma 74133

    Group Fitness Classes

    Bodies by Smiley › Small Group Fitness Classes › Personal Training Services › Tulsa OK

    Group Fitness Classes and Personal Training in Tulsa, OK.

    I am a certified personal trainer and group fitness boot camp instructor coaching clients at 7517 South 84th East Avenue, Tulsa, Oklahoma 74133. I have been training for 20 years, and I am certified by the National Association of Sports Medicine (NASM) as a professional trainer and coach. The "Bodies By Smiley" brand was created to witness through fitness to the masses! Witness what; you ask? Witness of the great benefits of being in our best physical shape!

    We offer a variety of fitness services to our clients: 1-on-1 fitness coaching; meal plan-suggestions; grocery shopping-assistance; small group fitness training; "Attack-The-Fat" fitness boot camps; 1, 2, & 3-day health and fitness workshops for schools, businesses, and government organizations; fitness competition prep; grade school, high school, college, and pro sports sports specific, strength and conditioning exercise programs; online training; online fitness classes via powhow.com; and lastly, elementary and middle school character education assemblies.

    It is humbling that I am regarded by many fitness professionals in my field as one of the top professional natural bodybuilders in the world, as a result I am considered an expert in fitness, nutrition, and physical conditioning. I'm the Co-Host of the weekly Catzlair Fitness Radio Show; as well as a recurring contributor for the very popular Facebook movement, "Eat Smart Workout Hard!"

    When we are in our best shape, we can do so much more in life. We can help more people; we can be more productive and provide for our families better; along with doing an unlimited number of other things because we're better fit. We know very well that being in shape carries with it a feeling of confidence and happiness. Being physically fit makes us feel more satisfied with our lives. With that satisfaction, we can assist people on a daily basis and help them see the benefits of being in better shape and—ultimately—healthier. In essence, we teach others to witness through fitness! Not by what they necessarily say, but by how they live their lives. I honestly believe that the greatest sermon lived is not the one preached from the pulpit in the church; but the greatest sermon is the one preached by our walk! We strive to preach the greatest "Fitness-Sermon" ever preached by our walk and our talk!

    Our personal training and group fitness services are unique in the fact that we CARE about our clients and fitness boot camp attendees! Although we possess much knowledge and expertise in the field of fitness, we strongly believe the saying, "People don't care how you know, until they know how much you care!" So, before we begin with each client, we ensure them that we honestly WANT to see them be successful in their fitness program. They are not a dollar-sign to us! We do everything in our power to motivate our clients and friends to exercise regularly!

    With transparency, our clients tend to be very truthful with us and they trust us that we are steering them along the right path to their physical best! And because of this healthy 2-way relationship based in trust, our successful fitness outcomes average nearly 95%! Please contact us today using the form below to learn more about our student athlete training, nutritional consulting, fitness boot camps, small group fitness classes and personal training services in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

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    Fitness Services: Tulsa, OK
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