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    Yoga › Martial Arts › Personal Training › Westside Los Angeles › (424) 216-6106
    Yoga & Personal Training Westside Los Angeles, CA.

    Personal Training LA

    Yoga Classes › Martial Arts › Personal Training › Westside Los Angeles CA › Litz Roll

    Westside Los Angeles Personal Trainer and Yoga Teacher Litz Roll.

    Personal Training, Yoga, Martial Arts › Nutrition Health and Fitness System by Litz Roll

    I am a personal trainer and yoga teacher providing yoga classes in Marina Del Rey, CA 90292, and a unique combination of personal training, group fitness training, martial arts, strengthening & conditioning and nutritional guidance throughout the Westside of Los Angeles, CA 90066. I have a degree in Clinical Psychology and a Master's degree in Psychology. As well as my practical experience in martial arts and triathlons, I have completed a 200-hour yoga alliance certification at Yoga Poser studio in Venice Beach, California. Yoga, martial arts, strength and fitness training, and nutrition are key elements of my training system, "The Warrior Body". These key elements of fitness training are combined to keep you energized to help you embrace and practice a balanced approach to health and fitness training. This combination of physical training, mental focus, and exercise modalities deliver a leaner, more agile, confident and stronger you.

    My training system incorporates all this experience and understanding, as well as the insight gained from my degree in clinical psychology and a master's degree in psychology; delivering a fitness and wellness program that is unlike anything else you'll have tried before, and one that's capable of changing the way you move and feel forever. Your one-on-one or group fitness exercise experience with me is guaranteed to be one of the most effective and innovative practices of integrating yoga, martial arts and strength training and is ideal for both men and women. This whole body exercise system explores ranges of motion with key exercises intended to redefine your thighs, waist, buttocks, back and arms. Each exercise session specifically incorporates exercises to strengthen and tone your entire body, help you to become more flexible and create higher energy and endurance levels. Additionally, we will explore nutritional values and food awareness to stimulate and improve your body and health from the inside—out. I believe my personal training and group fitness system provides one of the very few complete health and fitness programs available today within the greater Los Angeles area.

    I'm originally from Venezuela, where there is a strong cultural emphasis on high energy and feminine beauty. After my studies I moved to Los Angeles, where I competed in triathlons and studied nutrition and supplements in order to optimize athletic performance. To balance the demands of this notoriously challenging sport I turned to yoga, and realized that I had all the necessary elements to develop a complete exercise program that nourishes the body and the mind. I encourage you to think about how you are feeling and looking today. Imagine feeling better than you have in many years or elevating your current level of fitness—please contact me today to learn more about my individual personal training services and group fitness experience throughout the Westside of Los Angeles today!

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