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    Personal Training • Fitness Boot Camps • Alex Zarcone • Tel: (858) 997-8238
    ISSA Certified Personal Trainer Alex Zarcone in San Diego, CA 92122

    San Diego, CA

    Personal Training › Small Group Fitness Boot Camp Classes in San Diego, CA 92122

    Personal Training & Fitness Boot Camps with Alex Zarcone in San Diego, CA 92122.

    Personal Training & Group Fitness Boot Camps with Alex Zarcone:

    Hello, I am an ISSA certified personal trainer, a certified Athleticism Performance Coach (APC) focused on athletic and sports performance training, a small group fitness boot camp instructor and operator of Ocean Fitness located at 4060 Porte La Paz San Diego, CA 92122.

    One-on-One Training › Fitness Boot Camps › Sports Performance

    I specialize in one-on-one personal training, group fitness boot camps, hosting corporate wellness practical seminar series and coaching athletes in functional sports performance training at the time and place that is most convenient for you. Whether it be at your house, office, park, or beach I can accommodate your schedule and location. I know that one size does not fit all when it comes to exercise and training. I take the time and effort to design a workout program that is effective, efficient AND is fun. Why? Because, I want you to enjoy a healthy active lifestyle.

    What's included with your private training session? Each training session is one hour. I will track your training and keep you updated on your progress. I also email you fitness and nutrition tips so you can continue what we learn together in training and apply this information throughout your week. My group fitness boot camps are scheduled twice daily, in the mornings and afternoon/evenings. My sports performance training programs are designed for athletes who want to improve speed, agility, power, strength and sports performance. My private training sessions incorporate functional movements and exercises that utilize free weights, cardio drills, kettle bells, simple training equipment and stretching techniques all serving as tools that help build a foundation of scientifically sound training and nutritional programming designed to challenge you to accomplish, succeed, and enjoy the journey of realizing your fitness goals.

    Diet & Weight Loss › Nutritional Counseling › Daily Nutrition Goals

    Are you looking to shed some pounds and develop a leaner, slimmer body? No matter what your fitness goal, be it lose fat, add muscle, develop a better level of fitness, I can devise a nutrition program that will work for you. Do I require that you count calories every day? Of course not! But with accurate calorie and nutrition information, you can follow your nutrition program if you so choose, or use it as a general guideline in your daily eating. I strive to help you meet your fitness goals, but ensures that you enjoy both your workouts and nutritional guidance. I will provide you with a daily calorie guide for both your workout days and non-workout days that include a breakdown of the exact number of carbohydrates, protein and fats you should be eating.

    Please visit my website or social media sites (below) for updated fitness boot camp locations and times, as well as more information about personal training or sports performance training programs for athletes. I look forward to speaking with you—take a step toward feeling and looking your very best—please contact me today!

    Personal Training › Small Group Fitness Boot Camp Classes in San Diego, CA 92122

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