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    Learn how to value and sell used exercise equipment online through our website.

    Sell Exercise Equipment

    Clear out your storage area and sell your high quality used exercise equipment online.

    Buy or sell used squat stand, bench, bumper plates and kettlebells locally online.

    Did you find us by searching online for ways to sell used exercise equipment online? Of course. Just like you, millions of people are using the internet to solve problems and find services and goods we use daily. Our goal in offering this service is to allow you to buy and sell quality used exercise equipment at a fair price. We simply allow buyers and sellers to connect online. Please contact us for preowned exercise equipment sales and for detailed exercise equipment listing, pricing, and photo information. Learn more about the quality pieces of fitness equipment we are listing for folks like you who are interested in buying or selling their fitness equipment by visiting the store section of our website. Every piece of exercise equipment is listed with a guarantee of good or excellent condition. Each seller is held to a higher standard of accountability as each listing has been qualified by our staff. You can rest assured that we go to great lengths to only accept high quality, name brand, exercise equipment.

    Selling Your Exercise & Fitness Equipment Online › Free vs. Paid

    "Free" online listing services allow you to list a product for sale . . . the catch is — you must manually update your listing often to stay on top of literally thousands of other listings. Additionally, many of the "free" garage sale type websites offer so much junk — most folks give up on looking for the items they would like to purchase after only the first page of listings. Most newspaper and classified section services offering "online" listings for buying and selling options but charge you an "advertizing fee" weekly ranging from $80 – $200 or more. We charge $51.75 for each piece of equipment listed. Your listed item(s) will not expire until your exercise equipment has sold. You will have the benefits of privacy, identity protection, assistance selling equipment, marketing, advertizing, and ultimately › putting cash in your pocket!

    Tips for Selling Your Used Exercise & Fitness Equipment Online

    Most of us have our storage facilities and garage bursting at the seams with "stuff" we just don't use any longer. We get calls from our clients and folks all over the world with questions about how to sell used exercise and sports equipment. First, it's important to note that "junk" is junk . . . word to the wise . . . don't try to sell "junk". If you have exercise equipment which has simply outlived its use, but, is in decent working and physical shape, then of course – SELL IT!

    For the purposes of this article I will be outlining the steps taken when considering the sale of your exercise equipment. For the most part, folks love a deal. That said most of us browse the internet and newspapers when looking for used exercise equipment. The key is to be specific, honest, and offer a good deal. Think of selling your fitness equipment as if you were a customer looking for used exercise equipment online. Here are a few points to consider:

    • Is the used fitness equipment in good working order?
    • Have you taken quality digital photos of the piece(s) to sell?
    • What was the price paid you paid when new?
    • What do you think it's worth? (This is the catch, more on this later)
    • Will you be providing transport and set-up?

    Condition of Equipment › Is the used equipment in working order?

    Most of us simply wouldn't want to buy low quality fitness equipment pieces – If you wouldn't buy it new, don't sell it used. The equipment condition is essential to a quality sale and fair price. Your word and ability to "stand behind" your sale says more about who you are than the general practice of buying and selling in the marketplace. Do you have any "attachments" or collateral materials (paperwork, guides, etc.) which may have come with the machine? These can increase the value. Be thorough, inspect, clean, and repair if necessary before you place your exercise equipment up for sale. Of course, you probably cannot restore your equipment back to its new smell glory . . . however, you certainly can make sure you are not offering an offensive or dangerous item to the public.

    Photos: Have you taken quality digital photos of the piece(s) to sell?

    How many of us have fallen for the "bait and switch" at some point or another? Don't be one of "those guys". Not only will taking high quality digital photos show interested buyers that you are seriously offering a quality product, it will also help you gain attention apart from "Ads" which do not offer photos of the machines or equipment offered online. Simply take close-up photos with your digital camera, upload the photos to your computer desktop and attach the file in an email. You will want to choose a resolution and file size which will make the photo file easy to send as an attachment. Large files may not email well. Make sure the photo shows the entire machine and is easily viewed (good lighting).


    Original Image Scan Resolution Pixel Count     JPG File Size  
    4" x 6" 72   ppi 288  x 432 364 KB Optimal

    New vs Old Equipment: Original price paid for your equipment?

    You know that you cannot get new equipment prices for your old equipment . . . the question is how much is fair? The used value of any depreciating asset is substantially lower as time goes on. In terms of fitness equipment, you can expect to get as little as 10% to 40% of your original exercise equipment dollar for your exercise machines. Mostly because newer or updated models are already on the market with substantial improvements in the product or services included with purchase. Additionally, when a piece of equipment controlled by motors and electrical runs out of warranty and service options are limited the equipment can actually become nearly obsolete. Some of us have had to replace motors, electrical components, belts or other components of treadmills, elliptical, steppers, etc, and know the price. A quality treadmill belt alone ranges between $200 – $400! Some instances include upgrades in variety in color, size, attachments, service agreement and accessories. Mostly, nothing sells like new. So let's take for granted that you have followed these steps in preparing your fitness equipment for sale; it is a decent offering, and you are willing to accept a fair price – now what?

    What do you think your old exercise equipment is worth?

    Some say, simply what the market will bear. Yes, folks it all comes down to selling what you don't want at a price for which someone else will buy! That said, good business is about being fair. Both parties must win. Remember how I suggested that you take the time to prepare your fitness equipment for selling – working order, clean, complete with attachments, good photos, etc.? Here's where this advice can really pay off. Now that you have spent time and maybe a little money, you now have a piece of equipment "worth" selling. Let's say that you bought a new treadmill three years ago . . . it works just fine, but now you enjoy walking outside or you've progressed to another style of exercise . . . you have called an exercise equipment professional (shameless plug here!) and the treadmill has passed the test . . . how much can you get? Let's do the math:

    New $1500.00  Depreciation 60% or more (depending on machine type and condition)
    Age 3 years Electronic and motor operated exercise equipment depreciate most.
    Depreciation $600.00 Quality strength equipment (home gym, pin-select) may depreciate less.
    Asking Price $600.00 Always sell the very best exercise equipment. No losers...everyone wins.
    Expense $51.75 Equipment from "Big Box" stores (Wal-Mart, SAM's) offer little value.
    Pay a one time flat fee instead of weekly or monthly advertizing fees.
    Take Home $548.25 Don't buy "Classified Ads". Be seen where fitness shoppers shop!

    Of course that may not seem much a "deal" for you, but hey, you did own it for three years — did you use it? That treadmill was collecting dust anyway! $548.25 in your pocket is better than $0. The idea here is not to go into the "used exercise equipment" business but to simply collect a fair price for a depreciating asset which inevitably costs you more and more by the year. The idea is to "give in" to the buyer's market . . . sell your used fitness/ exercise equipment and move on.

    Most folks realize that used exercise equipment has lost significant value and usually is sold just to earn a few bucks and get rid of an unwanted surplus of space consuming items. That said, little is left over to provide paid delivery and set up of any fitness equipment. You would simply add the expense of shipping the item to the new buyer with the understanding that the "set-up" would be the responsibility of the new owner. Shipping cost vary . . . do your homework, call a shipping agent or company specializing in shipping/ delivery of fitness equipment. Shipping expense can be substantial. The new owner will benefit from less expensive used fitness equipment and easier delivery.

    If we may assist you in selling your used exercise equipment online please use our contact form by selecting "Sell Your Exercise Equipment" and enter any details associated with your inquiry. We have customized options in helping you buy and sell used exercise/ sports/ fitness equipment and we can suit our services to match your level of need.

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