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    Learn how regular exercise improves energy and heart health in men over age fifty.

    Men Over 50

    Learn about the many benefits of exercise for improved health in men over age fifty.

    exercise for men over fifty.

    Regular physical fitness activity has beneficial effects on most (if not all) organ systems, and consequently it prevents a broad range of health problems and diseases. men over age fifty can benefit in many ways from regular exercise. For many reasons, including heart health, sexual health, and improved stress reduction—exercise simply improves quality of life.

    Regular Fitness Activity

    Fitness programming for men over 50 can reduce the risk of developing chronic diseases such as heart disease. Regular personal fitness instruction can aid in the management of active problems such as high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, or high cholesterol.

    Proactive fitness activity can improve the ability to function and stay independent in the face of active problems like lung disease or arthritis. Although the benefits of physical fitness activity increase with more frequent or more intense activity, substantial benefits are evident even for those who report only moderate levels of fitness activity. All of the benefits of physical fitness activity are especially important for men over 50 since they are more likely to develop chronic diseases and are more likely to have conditions such as arthritis that can affect their physical function.

    Benefits of Exercise

    Research has shown that virtually all adults can benefit from regular physical fitness activity. Physical fitness activity is effective in treating cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, chronic lung disease, diabetes, obesity, and osteoarthritis.

    Regular physical fitness activity has beneficial effects on a variety of health outcomes, effects that are supported by consistent scientific evidence.

    These include:

    • Lower overall mortality. Benefits were greatest among the most physically active persons but were also evident for individuals who reported only moderate activity.
    • Lower risk of coronary heart disease. The cardiac risk of being inactive is comparable to the risk from smoking cigarettes.
    • Lower risk of colon cancer.
    • Lower risk of diabetes.
    • Lower risk of developing high blood pressure. Consistent exercise also lowers blood pressure in individuals who have hypertension.
    • Lower risk of obesity.
    • Improved mood and relief of symptoms of depression.
    • Improved quality of life and improved functioning.
    • Improved function in persons with arthritis.
    • Lower risk of falls and injury.
    • Prevention of bone loss and fracture.
    • Lower risk of developing depression.
    • Lower Back Pain relief. 
    • Improved quality of sleep.

    Start A Program

    An enjoyable fitness activity is one that is usually continued. Another aspect of a healthier lifestyle, which usually goes hand-in-hand with a regular exercise program, is a healthy diet along with quality sleep. Low-fat foods promote a healthy heart, but don't diet just for the sake of reaching an "ideal number" on a scale. Men over fifty need to be conscious of their weight, but dieting often sacrifices nutrition. Good food, regular fitness exercise and abandoning bad habits—such as smoking—work together for promoting total wellness and improved fitness. Any man over fifty who smokes, has diabetes and has a family history or intends to participate in extremely vigorous exercise, should first seek a health care provider's approval. Our fitness for men over 50 programming is designed to start gradually and progress appropriately.

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